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2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport battery won’t hold a charge

Our 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe battery won’t hold a charge. Replaced the battery couple of weeks ago and we get the same thing. Something is eating up the charge with some sneaky current thievery.

Have you had the alternator tested?

You should still be under warranty. Has the dealer check for parasitic drain? Do you drive it enough to fully recharge the battery? Any aftermarket electronic devices?

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Yes, dlr says there is nothing wrong. Has no clue.

RE: warranty. The car is preowned and was purchased with no warranty.

Depending on mileage you should have been able to get the balance of 5 yr./60k powertrain through Hyundai when you bought it. We did that with my wife’s 2016 Tucson. That wouldn’t help with your electrical system though.

Any aftermarket devices? A good mechanic can run a parasitic drain test to determine the culprit. Try a good independent shop instead of the dealer.

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No aftermarket devices that I know of . But, what ever it is it is a pretty big user of power. Overnight it discharged the battery so badly that the key fob wouldn’t unlock the door! Ive got the charger on it right now.

Good point about the independent shop but one has already thrown his hands up, says he can’t trouble shoot it with out a special Hyundai computer. Don’t have too much faith in that guy’s abilities.

Thanks for the response.

I think you just found out why it was for sale.

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