2018 Honda Pilot Windshield

We got a new front windshield on a 2018 Honda EXL. We do not have any of the advanced safety equipment. The windhield was made by Fuyao. The problem I have seen is that the screen seems a bit closer than the original one. I have read somewhere that there are “clips” under the outer seams of the glass. The glass ergonomics seem different from the inside for some reason. Something seems off. Any input would be appreciated. Got it thru Safelite.

Then you should address this with Safelite. We can’t address your perception over the internet

The replacement glass they, or any other replacement glass company uses is either Honda’s part or an identical aftermarket part that meets all the requirements of a Honda windshield.


I can’t even imagine how much body work would need to be done to make the windshield closer to the driver.


maybe its a defect in the glass causing a slight distortion making a slight magnifying effect. contact the installer and your insurance company if you went through them. you get that effect on fish tanks with a curved front glass.


Fail to see how the windshield could be made to fit even a millimeter closer to the occupants so I agree there may be a magnifying effect going on. The glass should have DOT stamps on it to identify it with.

I used to have (until very recently) a huge aquarium with a couple of plecos in it; before I got tired of fighting the losing 30 years long battle of keeping it clean. Looking at them through the glass they appear to be approx. 10 or 11 inches long. With fish in hand they are more like 17-18 inches and that is with flat glass panels.


It’s probably just because it’s cleaner inside and outside.

Maybe they used Tardis brand glass.

Wouldn’t that make it look farther away from the inside ?

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Inside or outside, its all relative :wink:

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I haven’t watched Dr Who recently, it appears the Tardis has frosted windows.

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