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2018 Honda Odyssey auto idle needs repair

How do you repair the auto idle system 2018 Odyssey?

It’s under warranty, nobody should touch it except a Honder service department

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Took it to a Honda dealer today. They do not know what to do with it. No solution.

Try another dealership, or use the phone numbers in your owners manual to escalate your problem higher up the chain. What is wrong with the auto idle system?

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Any work by you or a non Honda dealership mechanic could void your warranty.

Go to another Honda Dealership to find a smarter mechanic.


A basically brand new vehicle and the dealer admits to not knowing how to fix it.

  1. Try the dealer again. Get their “we don’t know” diagnosis in writing. That will look great on them.
  2. Document everything.
  3. Research lemon laws and lawyers in your area.
  4. Document everything
  5. Try another dealer.
  6. Document everything.
  7. Escalate this over the dealer level as explained in the owners manual.
  8. Did I mention Document everything?

Website says auto stop kills motor after 2 sec. And restarts automatically. It can easily be disabled. Says so on Honda website.
What is your problem?
you dont like it somehow?