2018 Honda CR-V - Sludge in my turbo!

A mechanic said my turbo was filled with sludge and needed to be replaced. I was losing power and the white smoke was coming out exhaust before I took it in. They did a fuel injection flush, replaced a piston and replaced some filters, oil change and brake fluid exchange. The car runs better, there is no smoke but sometimes it feel like the engine is slow when it is cold.

Well, you can get a second opinion for another $100+.
With that amount of work done on it, especially with unknown mileage sounds like the car was not maintained correctly and possibly abused.


Engine piston? Or some other sort of piston?

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It sounds to me like the correct specification oil wasn’t used and/or the oil wasn’t changed often enough.

This vehicle is new enough that it should be worth repairing, as long as there is no rust damage, and as long as the OP makes sure that ALL of the mfr’s specified maintenance is done on schedule from now on.

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Maybe he meant all pistons and not just one. Replacing pistons/rings is cheaper then a new motor.

These engines have an issue with gasoline diluting the oil. There is a consumer reports article you can Google, for some reason the link isn’t working correctly from this page.

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Agree with @TXdealer These engines are problematic esp in cold weather areas. Wondering where the OP lives.
Not sure how many miles on the car but might want to check with Honda on some extended warranty or good will repair.

Likely we will never hear back from the OP.
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  1. New pistons.
  2. New turbo.
  3. New oil fouled cats.
    Other then that, it’s a great car.

I live in TX. This vehicle has 48,800 miles. I will look into an extended warranty.

Angela McDermott

There was no evidence of rust that was mentioned. The vehicle was not maintained correctly and that led to the problems and me taking over maintenance.

Angela McDermott

Thank you

Angela McDermott

You have a problem? And are going to get a warranty to fix it? The process seems off.

Very, very rare to benefit from an extended warranty.

???, the owner was not maintaining it correctly?

The way I read this thread: owner was not maintaining the vehicle, the original factory was voided before the 5/50000 warranty was up.
Either the owner or you took it to a non-dealership (a mechanic, from your original post) to have all the work done.

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Save your money and put it into better maintenance.

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They may have been relying simply on the oil life monitor, there is a note in the owners manual that’s been there since at least the 2007 model year CRV’s to have the oil changed after 1yr at a minimum.
Honda CR-Vs, Civics get extended warranty due to engine issues - Autoblog
We have a 2019 CRV in the family and previously owned a 2007 CRV, serviced at the dealer once a year and so far the 2019 hasn’t shown sighs of oil dilution. 2019 and newer CRV’s came with Honda’s updated software that’s been available for 2017-2018 models since late 2018 along with an extended powertrain warranty on certain components to 6yrs/unlimited mileage