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2018 Honda CR-V - Noises while new

I have 2 questions:
Just had oil changed. Now when going up hill at about 40 mph car sounds like muffler is missing. Otherwise sounds fine

After cold night at first start I put key in ignition. Right when I turn the key is hear a sound that sounds like several gears grinding at one time. But car starts right up.
The sound mimic the same noises when I tried driving a stick shift and I didn’t engage the correct gear.

Since this is essentially a brand new car take it back to the dealer. They might have, somehow, damaged something during the oil change.

I tested the new CR-V for a week and my test vehicle didn’t do either of these things. Well worth a dealer visit and may be get some cell phone sound recordings if you have a passenger that can help.

Have you checked the oil level to verify they actually filled it back up after the change?

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