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2018 Honda Civic Sdn - What tire pressure?

Desire tire pressure, we live in Louisiana

Jim , it does not matter where you live . Look on your drivers door frame and there will be a plaque that says what the tire pressure should be .
I really do not understand why this question keeps showing up .


hey Siri, what pressure should i keep my tires at?

This assumes the tire size hasn’t been changed from the original size. On a 2018 car, that would be unlikely.

Probably 32 psi or close to it.

There should be a label or placard either on your door jamb, inside the glove box, or maybe even on the inside of the fuel door. It will tell you what tire pressure is correct for your car. But when in doubt, 30-35 PSI is where about 90% of cars tend to be. If you go with 30-33 PSI, you likely won’t be high or low by more than 4 or 5 PSI at worst.

You will never believe what I found in YOUR owners manual.