2018 GMC Yukon XL - Bad lighting

These have to be the worst high beams I have ever seen. Is there a bulb we can change to that makes them at least a little better than the low beams? Can hardly even tell when you switch to HB from LB. Pretty sad.

Make sure the headlights are aimed correctly. There are instructions available online or a good shop can do it.


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From what I’ve been told, if you use the “reply” link in an email notification it adds your email signature. As for “upgraded” headlights, the local wisdom is to not do it. I’m not a mechanic and I only have stock headlights in my Toyota so I can’t say.

you can get off-road lights. just make sure if you use them there are no other vehicles around coming towards you because you will blind them. I had them on my trucks for when I went fishing driving on the beach at night.

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I have had good results with Sylvania SilverStar and SilverStar Ultra bulbs. The tradeoff is shorter service life.


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Do they interchange with the factory LED bulbs in it? I have those in my other rigs and like them, just don’t know if I can just swap em out.

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Zach Muse

No, these are halogen bubs. If you have LED high beams, I think you are stuck. Some Yukons use halogens, 9005 for high beam.

Gotcha. Thanks. I figured.

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