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2018 GMC Sierra 1500 - Shudders. Why?

What causes the 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 to randomly shudder? We can be in cruise or not. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t feel like a tire or steering issue. It feels like you are randomly running over small rumble strips though. It starts around 45. Stops if you accelerate but starts again at random intervals. We just bought this truck Certified Pre-Owned in Sept. 2020 We haven’t had it but 4 months.

Just a WAG, might be the torque converter.

Since it is Certified, is it still under warranty? Is the shuddering repeatable?

Yes about the warranty. I do think it’s repeatable. I feel it every time I’m in that vehicle.

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Have you contacted the dealer ? Because if it is a warranty item they should be the ones to solve this . If you try something or use another shop you let them off the hook.

We are stopping by the dealer tonight. I was hoping to arm myself with knowledge before then because I know they will want to rotate and sell me new tires. I know it’s not the tires.

Just tell the service writer what the symptoms are and see if someone will go on a test drive with you . Leave the part about web search or forum contact out of the conversation . All that will do is annoy them . As for the rotation and tires use the word No.

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Will do. Thanks for the advice.

Do you have any kind of warranty on this CPO vehicle? If so, take it back to the dealer and request that they repair it under warranty.

Specifically, this sounds like a problem with the Torque Converter Lockup mechanism.