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2018 Ford Transit Connect - rear main seal leak

8,000 miles on the car.

My mechanic said i have a rear main seal leak.

Now, I don’t trust my car, even if they fix it under warranty.

This is not why I buy new cars. They could fix it, invasively, only for the problem to reoccur, after it is not under warranty, and then it needs another invasive BIG repair, and all the while I have no confidence in my new car.

“My mechanic” does that mean you are NOT having it serviced at the dealership?
Regardless, have the seal replaced. Then if you still don’t trust it trade it in before the warranty expires.

That is why you have a warranty on new vehicles . Some things just happen . As Purebred says , have it fixed and keep it until the warranty expires . Trading or selling now will cost you a lot of money.

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This sentence has me concerned . Don’t let anyone do anything to this vehicle because you could void the warranty coverage for this repair plus have to pay for it.

Also you seem to be worried so I suggest that until the warranty is over have all service done at the dealer so there will be no conflict about service records.

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New cars are no guarantee of zero problems. It’s a complex machine and many opportunities for problems to crop up. I’ve had a few issues like this myself over the years. One was a porous casting for a transmission that started leaking almost immediately. They stripped all the parts out of the trans and replaced the case if you can believe that. Never had another issue with it over 14 years owning it. I had another car that had piston slap and they replaced one of the pistons. Again, no issues after that. If you expect perfection just because it is new, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment…

Your powertrain is warrantied for 5 yrs/60,000 miles. Just get it fixed, chances are it will not happen again. Yes, it’s a pain, but lots of new vehicles have the odd problem. That’s what warranties are for.

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I agree with the others, only have this repair at the Dealership so you do not void the warranty.

You can imagine that with the thousands of parts used to build a vehicle, there has to be a a small number of parts that are flawed in some way. Some flaws may never show up as a problem, but there is always the chance that one will crop up and cause a problem.

The world is not a perfect place and I doubt that you have never in your life found a flaw in something else in life.


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I hope you aren’t still on the original engine oil the vehicle came with… but that’s an entirely different can of worms. I would agree with everyone else here…its brand new, so the dealer should be handling every facet of this vehicle from oil to any warranty repairs. Its a no brainer really

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After my initial response, left for an appointment. There in the next lane a Ford Transit Connect. It was a wrapped commercial vehicle.
The wrap? “XYZ Honda, Parts Delivery”


cars break and seals leak- even new ones. It’s why I have a job.

If this makes you overly uncomfortable, then I suggest never leaving your house. But then, things can break and fail in there too…

I suggest as others- you have a warranty, use it. You’ll likely never have a problem with that seal as long as you own the car.

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Why is this surprising? Honda does not make a cargo van, or any vehicle suitable for this purpose. I suppose they could have removed the rear seats from a Honda Odyssey or possibly one of their SUV models, but why? A Transit Connect is made and sold for use as a cargo/delivery van.

Did not know Honda failed to design any of their vehicles with fold flat rear seats.

Any manufactured product will have a certain percentage of hiccups. Maybe the rear main isn’t leaking. Maybe it’s an oil filter or whatever.

If it is the rear main the Ford dealer should repair this under warranty.

My local Subaru dealership uses a VW Routan (Do you remember those short-lived, badge-engineered Chrysler minivans??) for parts delivery, but they have removed all VW emblems from the vehicle, so most people probably have no clue that the Subaru folks are using a VW trade-in that nobody wanted to buy for their parts delivery vehicle.

Yes, our 05 Odyssey’s rear row seating folds down to the floor at least once a year when we go camping. Fortunately, if friends visit and want to go out to eat with us or go grab ice cream, it’s quick to bring them back up for extra seating again