2018 Ford Focus transmission issues

2018 Focus owners – are the transmission issues resolved? or does the transmission still shudder, hesitate, or grind in the lower gears upon acceleration? I have a 2012 Focus and I’m so done with it! Thanks!

If you are considering getting a new 2018 Focus, why not rent one for a couple of days to see if you like it?

According to Consumer Reports, starting with the major redesign of 2012, Transmission Major and Transmission Minor reliability was much below average until 2015. 2016s a little better, but fewer miles on those newer cars, so who knows? Too little data for CR to report on 2017s. For 2018 cars, CR rates Much Below Average reliability and reports Lower than Average owner satisfaction. The versions before the 2012 redesign have average or better reliability.

This is one of those questions I don’t understand. If I had brand XYZ vehicle and I was disappointed with it the next vehicle would not be XYZ . I am looking elsewhere.