2018 Ford F-150 - Lights killed my Bluetooth

So I installed LED bulbs on my truck and now my iPhone wont Bluetooth music to my truck. Everyone talks about FM interference, I don’t have that, just Bluetooth issues. WEIRD

Cheap LED lights don’t have much, if any shielding of RF noise. Your Bluetooth is a radio signal (2.4 GHz) that apparently is affected be the LED lights. Use 'em and lose your Bluetooth, or lose 'em and go back to using Bluetooth.


Can you return these bulbs and try another brand? If not, if you have an aux input, you could try a separate Bluetooth receiver plugged in there. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

I had the same problem with my garage door opener when I replaced the lights with LED’s. Light off the remote for garage door opener works fine. Lights on - I have to right next to the door opening, and even then sometimes it doesn’t work.


As an aside… I can’t image any lights have already burned out on a 2018 vehicle. Why replace them with something not factory while the vehicle (presumably) is still in warranty?

I guess I’m getting old…


Me too, stock halogens are more than bright enough.

Genie makes LED bulbs specifically for garage door openers. We have them in our openers with no issues. You might want to try those if you haven’t already.

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