2018 Dodge Grand Caravan - Where can I get a spare?

Dodge Grand Caravan came without a doughnut. Where is best place to get one?

I like Henry’s Doughnuts on the corner of 75th & Broadway.

Krispy Kreme is pretty good also, but they are to far away.

Before you buy a spare tire, make sure there is even some place in the car to safely secure and store it.
I think the 2018’s and up just come with an air compressor and no place to even put a spare.


Agreed, make sure you have a place to store the spare securely.

I was in a similar situation with my 2009 Dodge Challenger. I ended up getting what appeared to be a never used spare tire from eBay. Think it was $80 shipped, and it came out of a junked Charger (similar car).

I’d check eBay, local junkyards, or even car-part.com.

Good luck.

Since it’s a minivan you probably have some storage room behind the rear-most seat. If you can spare (hehe) the space, just get a full-size wheel as your spare. Then you don’t have to worry about not putting the spare on the front like you do with the undersized donuts. Nothing’s more annoying than getting a flat front tire in the rain at night and having to jack the car up and down 2 times to get the wheels transferred over.

Try to find a junk yard (wrecking yard, recycler, used car parts center, etc.).

Great idea thanks!

Yeah they are used for boat docks around here and go for about $20. Um, you need a jack and wrench too though.

All the junkyards in my area won’t sell you a used jack.

It’s a liability thing.


In these parts, garage sales and the local flea markets often have those under-size spare tires. I was trying to sell one at my own garage sale a few years ago, $10, but no bites. My neighbor had her own garage sale the next week so I asked if she wanted to try to sell the tire. I told her she could have whatever $$$ it brought. What do you know, somebody bought it. For $2.