2018 Chevrolet Traverse

Just purchased a 2018 Chevrolet traverse…when stopping, sitting for a minute, the downshift to economy use feels like you have been hit in the rear. Took it back to Royal (dealer) and they said after driving and stopping for 11 miles they didn’t notice anything wrong. Yet I drove back home less than two miles and it happened. Is this normal with these transmissions? If so, I would never have purchased it. Really hate this vehicle and wouldn’t recommend to anyone else. Should I take it back to dealer again???

Yes. It is a brand new vehicle, Chevy owes you one that works correctly. Ride WITH the mechanic and point out what it is you don’t like. There is likely a communication issue, here. Either the car didn’t demonstrate the error for the mechanic or he recognized it as normal for these cars. Either way, you need to know that.

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