2018 Chevrolet Equinox - Vibrates

have had to dealer several times for shake around 40- 50 mph all they want to do is balance the tires , then they told me it was the tires so i spent $800.00 for 4 new tires and a 4 wheel alignment done by them, still does the same thing. equinox has 13,200 miles they test drive it they say they can’t feel any thing, IT IS the road? , does it on all time on all roads.any help would be appreciated, thank you

Does anyone else drive this vehicle and feel the vibration ? Also you can go to any dealer while the warranty is in effect.

I was all set to buy a RAV4 once and trade in my beloved '07 Highlander. I went to the dealer for a test drive and the RAV4 vibrated. So I figured, “must just be that one.” Drove a second. Vibrated. Salesperson was honest and agree they were vibrating. Offered to have the tires balanced after I bought one. Still have the Highlander.