Shake or vibration in front end


2002 Lexus SC 430, 70k miles. Purchased new, run flat tires immediately removed and difficulty with wandering or vibration in steering at about 65 mph, it does not occur above or below this speed much.

Car serviced with the dealer since new, this problem noted since the beginning. Changes tried, new tires, new wheels, balance new alignment. Different wheels and tires from another car.

Motor mounts, all suspension and steering checked and OK, brakes OK and have been replaced.

Dealer response after keeping the car three weeks to try all the above and they say this is the way it is with nothing that can be done. Any ideas, this is a fine car except for this and I don’t know what to check. Tire wear was normal and tires are again new.

Suggested they give me a new one for free but this did not attract any support on their end!

Any ideas, known recalls, or service suggestions about this issue? thanks…


I assume you have driven other Lexus (Lexi?) of similar configuration and they don’t have this problem.

Try a different dealer? Push it up the Lexus food chain?