2018 Chevrolet Colorado - Mystery exhaust leak - Differential issues

Since day 1 of driving truck off lot in 2018 I have noticed and hear an exhaust leak. The dealer repeatedly tells me there is now leak that they can find. This is now 3 years later and problem still exists. This should have been taken care of while still under warranty.
I also had to have the rear differentials rebuilt in the Spring. because of an issue that I complained about since day 1 as well. They found metal shaving in the case.

does it sound like its coming from the engine area or underneath the truck.
if its in the engine area it could be a leaking exhaust manifold gasket or a warped or cracked exhaust manifold. the exhaust manifold I believe is covered by a heat shield on your vehicle. it would be hard to see unless you take the shields off.

i documented an issue under warranty and the dealer’s service manager said it was “normal”.

after the warranty ran out, an independent mechanic confirmed it was not normal, and should be repaired. they gave me an estimate.

i fought the automaker and the dealer for several weeks and they eventually fixed it “goodwill”. the paper trail was key.

where was the problem so others with the same vehicle might know. it might help them in the future.

Its underneath back after muffler area closer to tail pipe.