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2018 Chevrolet Colorado door noise and tire wear

Door will not close good, making noise all of the time, door open light comes on a lot, have to slam doors to get it to stop, deal say there is nothing wrong. excessive ware on the front tires, deals say it is fine, same problem i had with a 2008 model, tire were gone by 40,000 Miles.

That is not unusual for the factory delivered tires . And if your front tires are wearing to soon I suspect you are not rotating tires as often as you should .
As for the door problem try another dealer .


40,000 on tires is pretty darn good.

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For the door problem you may have to contact Chevrolet Corporation directly and get help there. There should be a phone number in the owner’s manual. Might help to get an inde mechanic to inspect the situation and write a report to support your position there is something wrong. Don’t let the inde mechanic try to fix this tho, as that could void the warranty. guessing the door problem is due to a rubber seal isn’t seated properly

I had a Colorado as a rental this week. The door seals were so tight that I had to slam the doors to make sure they latched. Try lowering your window slightly and see if that makes the door easier to close. This will eliminate an ill-fitting door as the problem if it works.