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2018 Chevrolet Colorado - Any owner feedback?

Would you buy a Colorado/Canyon again?

Great question Keith. Help narrow the subject a bit. Tell us if you mean the new current generation on sale for the past few years, or the prior generation of the Canyon/Colorado twins.

The new version (see above). I’m very hesitant to buy, but I am considering a 2018 crew cab Z71 V6 4x4. I read so many complaints going back to 2015, I thought I would ask owners if they would buy it again.

This is a forum, the number of people here who have or have had a Canyon/Colorado is very small. The new version does not relate to the older version so there is not really going to be concise answers to your question . The thing will have a warranty but why even consider something you have doubts about before the purchase?

Ok thanks. Have a nice day.

I don’t own one, but I’d have a hard time justifying buying one over a comparable Silverado. The V8 (5.3L) Silverado get’s marginally better fuel economy, and only costs about $2k-$3k more (ZR2 vs. Z71) and often has more generous incentives on it as well.

Click on the icon that looks like a magnifying glass , upper right, and type in “Chevrolet Canyon”. You’ll find comments/questions posted from other Canyon owners. A recent thread in the “Maintenance” section of the forums as I recall was about the Canyon.