2018 Cadillac XT5 backup grid display



Does your backup grid display reliably?


Does you car still have a warranty? I’l bet it does! If your grid does not display reliably, talk to your dealer.


Cadillac has issued a bulletin saying DO NOT CHANGE ANY PARTS! They give a nonsense and contradictory explanation about why it happens. One can usually get the grid by going back to Park and then into reverse again. You can never be sure when you will get the display. Usually if you give up and just back without the grid, the display appears when you shift into Drive. So at least you get to see where you have been. I think this might have started a year or so ago with the QUE SYSTEM. The 2014 SRX never did this. The voice controlled navigation is even less predictable. Yes under warranty. 8,000 miles. Love the car otherwise.


Two things you can do 1. Get the contact numbers from your manual and see if corporate will do anything 2. There is probably not another Cadillac dealer near you but call another one and ask if they have resolved this problem for other people.