2018 BMW 3 Series - Is it safe?

Is it safe? And for long term will s muffled delete affect my bmw 330i 2018.

Huh, what does that mean?

If you mean your muffler fell off and exhaust is coming into the car, no not safe. If you mean you temporarily fixed it with a piece of pipe, may be safe but highly annoying to everybody.

Find a good independent muffler/exhaust shop and have it fixed correctly.

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After my co-workers purchased new Camaros and Challengers, the first thing they did was delete the mufflers, performed by a good independent shop. Should last 50 years.

I can never hear the question, “Is it safe?” without thinking of Duston Hoffman in Marathon Man.


I think of the movie tank.

When I hear “muffler delete” I wonder more about the owner/driver than I wonder about the year/make/model of the car or it’s inherent safety.


Did car have resonator and mufflers that were all removed? How well are joints sealed after items are removed? If all connections are tight and tailpipe exits under rear bumper in stock location then it could be safe and only loud. Who did work?