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2018 Audi Q5 - Unintended acceleration

I bought Audi, Q5/2018 last year. I tried to park in parking lot and put my foot on brake to stop the car. Instead the car accelerated on its own and hit the stair rail on 10/25/19. Same accident happened last year on 10/05/2018

The vast majority of these accidents happen because the driver is pressing the accelerator pedal and not the brake.

The brakes on the car are strong enough to hold the car even IF the accelerator is pressed at the same time so it is very hard for me to believe you were not pressing the accelerator instead of the brake.

I’d suggest buying a different car. This one doesn’t suit you.

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I have experienced this problem twice and air bag did not get opened.

There was another complaint of the owner of Audi Q5 who experienced the same

problem. He also tried to park car in his driveway but car accelerated and went

through his garage door. Please check his complaint on website.


So you didn’t hit hard enough to open the airbag. Simple.

Audi went through this 35 years ago. Many studies were done by independent 3rd party investigators. The placement of the pedals was the cause of drivers hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. Every one of those drivers was convinced they had their foot on the brake.

I still suggest you need to buy a different car.