2017 vw golf unitronic stage 1+ engine jerked a bit starting and reversing

Just got a new tune today after replacing my racechip. Unitronic stage 1+. I drove the car home about 11 miles and it drove fine, started fine. I parked it in my garage for about an hour and went to drive again. Whenever I started the engine it kind of jerked and the whole car shook, never really happened before. I put it into reverse and it was jerking backwards a bit and then kinda stopped, drove it 6 miles and it drove fine. 20 mins later turned car off again and turned it on, jerk was still there just less jerky, put it into reverse and jerked a tiny bit. Drove another 5 mins turned the car off and back on, jerk was barely noticable. Then parked the car for about 4 hours and started and reversed with no problems. Should this be something I should be worried about? I was thinking it was just my car learning my new tune since I heard you gotta start it about 10 times before its fully used to it. Place I took it to get tuned also said it could just be learning but to get back to them if issue persists. What do you guys think?


I think you should have left it stock


Never had any issues before, had a tune on it for a year and a half and dont wanna go back. I just like the feel of the car, only trying to figure out if its the ecu

It does seem like the ECU is learning/adapting to the tune.
Did the shop provide you with a manual for the tune? May have some information describing the learning process.
In as much as the jerking has been resolved last time you started the car, IMO, drive on and enjoy it.
Just to satisfy my curiosity, did the shop provide any warranty!

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Take it back to the shop taht did the tune and ask them to fix it.


Im not sure if the shop did, the jerking progressively got better. Im going to drive it more today to see if the issue stays

It does seem that they offer warranty on repairs I would assume tunes also.

I’m guessing your car’s computer will eventually learn the new idle parameters needed to make it run smoothly again. No experience w/your engine, or what your tune-chip does, but I had similar symptoms on my Corolla, caused by idle air control problem. Clogged injectors could cause this sort of symptom too, but less likely.