2017 Toyota RAV4 wheels

Here’s a Mustang that came with the TRX wheels/tires. I thought they were neat looking at the time:

BMW also sold cars with them in the late '80s. Those rims are worthless now, nobody wants to have them:

We have a 2017 Rav4, passed on a Honda CRX. We had an Optima and the Rav4 beats them all. What issues are you having?

In 1967 or so I mail ordered tires from Sears and JC, but since then I prefer to buy my tires eye ball to eye ball.

Check w/your insurance company, b/c there may be issues when running tires not matching the recommended tire and pressure label , usually located on the post near where the driver-side door lock mechanism is located.

“Can I reduce the wheel size to improve the comfort/ride…”

In my opinion this is a dreadful idea and unlikely to work anyway.

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