2017 Toyota RAV4 - Rust in paint

while washing and then waxing/sealing car I noticed several rust colored spots, semi easy to see in the white Pearl Paint we paid extra? car is garaged, but this is ohio and we do salt the roads, I am pretty good at getting the car washed once temp is above 32. not sure what the warranty is, believe just rust through. Having just bought the Acura RDX…after all Toyota’s of late, I will be paying attention.

The paint might be contaminated with iron particles. Toyota recommends cleaning the affected area with Auto Magic Special Cleaner Concentrate after washing the car.

Here is the service bulletin with the cleaning instructions; http://4runnerclub.com/i/4r_files/fsm/ToyManuals-2007-4Runner/toyfsrm/toytsb/toytspdf/tsbrules/2007/pa005t04.pdf

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