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2017 Toyota RAV4 - Dies in three days

2017 RAV 4 if the car sits for 3 or 4 days without starting it , it won’t start , after an hour battery charge , it’s good to go .Toyota changed the battery in June 2020 I had to jump it 4 times . returned three times to toyota for this problem , I was told that these new cars with all the bells and whistles has a draw on the electrical system . I asked him if all of the cars on the lot are all dead . he said they start them every day . yea I believe that . They did not tell me this when I bought this car …

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Find a new mechanic and read the recent posts here about parasitic draw

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My guess is that after you get a new battery and alternator the parasitic draw issue will go away. Just a hunch, don’t change them on my advice.

Finding multiple complaints about this problem on Rav 4’s including 2020 models, Might be a service bulletin for this issue. The local Auto Mall is next to my neighborhood and if you went for a walk past any of the dealers you’d see them making the rounds early in the morning and starting up everything on the lot. With a truck or booster pack nearby if it didn’t start.

Considering the car’s a 2017 model year . . . seems a little soon for an alternator

I’ll translate for you . . .

They can’t or don’t want to figure out what’s going on

They’re hoping you don’t come back

Don’t get mad at me

That’s my take, based on what you posted