Battery Drain after sitting for week, jumped, then drained again



Hello, we have a 2009 Toyota RAV4 4WD V6… We went on vacation for a week and left the RAV at my sister’s house. We get back car starts fine drive 15 minutes stop at gas station… I go get a drink my husband turns on the accessories only to roll up window… I come out start car but we get a rapid click, battery dead… AAA comes to jump, test battery says it is down .1 volts, starts immediately… test alternator, some other test… all good… good to go

Next day cars starts fine…on the way home (90 minute drive) stop to grab some food… I turn on accessories to roll window down… try to start car battery dead… AAA etc…

Now is this strictly a sad battery who is probably 3 years old (bought car used) and the sitting around for week finally caused failure or would anyone consider this an electrical issue. I have never noticed anything that would indicate electrical issues, but who knows… I have been rolling windows up and down with just accessories for 2.5 years…

We are getting a new battery tonight, but hope if there is another issue it will not damage new battery. Is that a possibility or is it strictly an old battery?


Possibility of bad battery, dirty connectors, dirty ground or bad alternator. Autozone or Advance will check your charging system for free. When it does not start, are the warning lights lit? Does anything work? Could be a starter if you do have power.


Everything lights up as normal except of course the car will not start… the alternator has been tested is was supposedly fine… I thought of starter but it starts immediately both times it was jumped…


When you buy your new battery, spend $15 on a digital voltmeter that plugs into a 12V socket. If it stays above 14V while you’re driving and you have another “no crank” episode, it’s probably a bad starter.


Ok thanks we will try that…