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2017 Toyota Prius - speed control

When driving with speed control, you have to repeatedly tap the speed lever to change speed, tapping once for each mph of change. This is very slow and annoying. If you try to just hold the lever up to increase your speed, for instance, the car will just continuously get faster and faster until you have to switch it off to maintain control. (I asked Toyota and they literally called it a “feature”! Any suggestions?

Yes, learn to live with it or sell the car. Toyota can’t customize the car just for you. The cruise in your Prius operates exactly as every car with cruise control I have ever owned.

Is this the first car you’ve owned with cruise control?


If you want to set the speed faster, step on the accelerator until you reach the desired speed, then hit the “set” button, it should hold the new speed.
The 1 MPH increments are for fine tuning your speed to maintain a safe interval in traffic.

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Learn how to use “Cruise Control”
Accelerate to the speed you want with the gas pedal,
Then set your cruise control,
Then use the + and - buttons to fine tune your cruising speed

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The handle operations aren’t necessarily intuitive. It’s easy to get the up/down/slow/fast mixed up with the wiper up/down/slow/fast. Other than that, yes, just get to the speed you want and press the button.

The Prius uses the same stalk for the Cruise Control and the wipers?
That is a bad design, IMHO.

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No, but they’re above and below each other. The non-intuitive part is “up” is faster for one, while “up” is slower for the other. It’s a cog-fog design :upside_down_face:

If we were to follow that line of reasoning, then it could be argued that having a gas pedal next to a brake pedal is a dangerous situation. Luckily, most people seem to be able to distinguish between the two.


That’s a really good point! :+1:

Every car I have owned with cruise control, if you use the lever to increase speed, it stops increasing and holds the speed as soon as you release the lever. You are only out of control if you are terrified of using it.

My children and grandchildren have driven new caes with adaptive cruise control and they all love it. You get up to the speed you want and set it. it then keeps you at a safe distacne from traffic in front of you and take you back up to speed when the road is clear.