2017 Toyota Corolla - Bumper scrapes

the front bumper scrapes at times when pulling in the driveway. Is there anything that I can put under there? Or I’m ready to get rid of the car. I would prefer to move, lol

Go slowly when entering your driveway so that the suspension won’t compress too much or park the car backward. If the driveway is made of asphalt,you can try to fix the low spot with cold asphalt(available in bags). If its made of concrete,there is no solution.

Pulling in at an angle might help.


Most modern cars have this issue. Around my town, pieces of the underpanel can be found in most shopping center parking lots.

Rubbing is not such a big issue. Leaving parts behind is.

There are rubber ramps that you can buy to bridge a high curb. When I say high curb, I mean in the driveway. My daughter’s neighborhood has that, and some of the neighbors use the ramps. Here’s an example:

Also, pulling in at an angle helps.

Those rubber ramps look nice. They didn’t have those 40 years ago when we had a similar curb system. So everyone just had the asphalt ramp.

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Our neighborhood has deep rolled curbs and many neighbors have installed these, they work great.

For what it’s worth, there’s no way I’d buy something like that and put it on public property in the street. The chances of being sued by a pedestrian who trips over it in the dark or a bike rider who hits it and crashes are too high for me. Also, I’d imagine that the snowplows and leaf vacuum trucks could easily damage it.


Like I said, in my old neighborhood, everybody had them in their driveways. The idea was when the curb was poured, then houses were built, there was no need to rip up the curb for a drive way cut out, and no way to anticipate where a driveway would be. Nobody liked them but they really were necessary and never caused any problem for walkers, bikers, or the plows. Otherwise you’d be driving over the curb every time. No worse than mailboxes sticking out. Now that can sting. Of course you could always pay to rip the curb out and pour a new landing, but nobody wanted to spend the extra couple thou to do it.

We don’t have leaf vacuum trucks and the snow plows never get closer than a couple of feet from the curb. If they scraped the gutter, the square curbs would all be badly damaged and the snow plow blades would need replacement frequently.