2017 Subaru Outback - Won't start

The Starter will not start the car. The doors will not lock. The lights work. I don’t think the battery is the problem.
What is the problem?

If it is still under warranty don’t mess around with it. Have it towed to your dealer.

What exactly do you mean? Is the car cranking but not starting or just plain not cranking?

No cranking. Just an ominous click.

It sounds like the battery is dead or close to it. Have you tried having it jump started? AAA can jump start your vehicle and test the battery and alternator. If you bought it new, the bumper-to-bumper part of your warranty was 36mo./36k so the alternator might not be covered any longer. I doubt the battery is in any case.

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thanks for the help. I took it to the dealer and they said the connections were corroded. They cleaned the terminals and charged the battery but it keeps happening anyway. I think something is draining the battery. It’s a mystery.

If the terminals are clean and tight and the cables are in good condition that eliminates one possibility but do you know if they tested the battery? Yes, you might have what’s called a “parasitic draw” but my money is on something simpler. Get a jump start and have the battery and alternator tested.

Was that today?

I suspect that the battery terminals were cleaned some time in the past and the battery needs to be replaced.

If the battery terminals were corroded that means the battery is leaking acid and will corrode again. Also dirt will enter the battery and it won’t be long before it fails.


Let us know how the new battery works out. AAA could also be a resource for that diagnosis

and possible repair.

How often do you drive it? I drive once or twice a week at most these days. Long periods of inactivity punctuated by a few short drives won’t recharge the battery. You should go for a 20 minute or longer drive at least once every other week to keep the battery charged. That works for me.

Sounds like a battery problem to me. You stated they cleaned the terminals and charged the battery. Not a word about actually testing the battery.


It’s either a parasitic drain or a bad battery. Likely the latter if the terminals are corroded.

Replace the battery.