2017 Subaru Outback audio system freezes intermittently

Intermittent freeze of audio system - can’t change stations

Dave, warranty, use it.


Be patient. Spring’s almost here.

I drive a 2014 Outback I bought new. After two years, the CD player half-died. That is, CDs number 4,5 & 6 would not play, and would not eject, either. So I don’t even remember what’s in there. Didn’t bother asking to have it fixed because I’m sure it’s out of warranty by now. And the hell with it anyway. Kenny D

Radio in our 06 Sienna quit working the 1st week we owned it. Replaced under warranty, 12 years and counting, replacement working fine. Stuff happens, use the warranty.

Really bad advice Ken. The warranty is 3 years or 36000 miles so since you did not ask your loss.

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This past week I’ve started having some issues with the audio system in my 2017 Outback (standard system). It doesn’t freeze, but it reacts very slowly at times when I attempt to change the source. There might be a software update - I haven’t checked yet, but you should bring it in to the dealer if your warranty is still in effect, I believe I read in Consumer Reports that the reliability of the 2017s audio system was an area of concern.