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2017 Subaru Forester buzzed while parked

heard a buzzing under the rear of my 2017 Forester, parked in the garage. then it stopped. should I be concerned?

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Was the engine running at the time?
If so, then it could be an indicator of fuel pump problem.
If the engine had been turned off for several hours, then it is likely that you heard the self-test that is run periodically by the evaporative emissions system.


My '16 buzzes. Pretty sure it is the PZEV gas tank vapor recovery system. Hard to hear exactly where it comes from.

It was parked for hours. Thanks so much for relieving my concerns. JW

Racoon :grin:

I have a 2018 and it’s normal. I read about it somewhere in my manual.

You read the manual?
You, I, and a few other regulars in this forum are probably among the few who actually do that.

Lol, too funny

What manual?