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2017 Rav4 Check Engine/Power Steering/Tire Pressure Light

So when turning the key to the on position all lights blink and go away except the Check Engine, the Power Steering and Tire Pressure light. Once I crank the engine the Check Engine and Power Steering Light go away and the tire pressure light stays on.
Is it normal for these two lights to be on when the key is in the on position, or is this a sign of trouble?
Also does this thing not have a tire pressure reading on the display?

I am going to guess you just bought this thing. So if it still has the manual that will tell you what you need to know about the tire pressure warning system . Also now would be a good time to find out just what warranty you still have if any.

The car is telling you one of your tires is low in pressure. The lights are acting normally. To confirm, do as @VOLVO_V70 suggests and read up on it in the owners manual.

What is the reason for only the Check Engine and Power Steering Lights to stay on, but all other lights ABS ect… flash and go away?

I just figured this would have a read out of individual tire PSI, but from what I have found it does not.

The computer goes through a system check and starts to turn the lights off after it is satisfied, I bet the lights turn off in the same pattern each time. Some things take longer than others to check.

Not sure if your Rav4 has a spare tire, check the pressure on it, in addition to checking the pressure on the other 4.

Some other manufacturers give you the pressures at each corner, but Toyota does not

check the tire pressure for all tires in the morning

Odds are one or more of them are at least 20% below the specified pressure, thus causing the tpms light to remain on at idle

Maybe they just lost some air over time and nothing’s wrong, or maybe you picked up a nail . . .

All the lights turn on so you can confirm the bulbs are OK. The engine light stays on until the engine is started. The same for you electric power steering. Read your owners manual, it should tell you this as well as the exact meaning of the TPMS light.

The check engine light is on with the key on but not started b/c the engine can’t be tested until it is started. It’s probably the case that the steering and tire pressure system can’t be tested until the engine is started too. They must be able to test the other stuff with the engine not running.