2017 Nissan Rogue Sport Liftgate Stay

My grandmother just recently purchased a new Nissan Rogue Sport. She’s having difficulties using it as shes relatively short and the liftgate stay keeps the liftgate too high for her to reach without a step stool. We visited the dealer and another repair shop in town but have not been able to find anyone who can fix this.

I do believe these are hydraulic, if so is there any way to lower the pressure so that the door doesnt stay help at such a high position, or does anyone know of any other solutions?

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes trying to find info on how I can get this taken care of for her but have yet to come across anything.

Any information would be greatly appreciated =]


You need a shorter gas strut. They all attach pretty much the same - snap onto to a small ball joint.

Remove one and take it to a parts store on a slow day and ask if they’ve got a shorter one. Replace both.

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D doubt that anything can be done, other than installing a short piece of rope that she can grab to close the lift gate. Once the gate is almost closed, sher can grab the lift gate and toss the end of the rope inside before she closes it the rest of the way. Be sure to use a fairly hefty piece of rope, so it’s easier on her hands.



Maybe install shorter supports, or attach a strap that will hang down.

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We stopped at one the other day and they said they didn’t have any because the vehicle is too new, therefore there is no shorter ones available yet; but I like your idea of pulling one off and taking it into the parts store instead. I’m definitely going to give that a go. Thanks!

Attaching a rope will be my last resort; was just hoping not to have to resort to that. It’s quite the clever idea though. It’d be useful to do at least until I’m able to find a better solution.

I doubt if Nissan will make a shorter strut so finding an after market short one that will fit the attachment points might work.

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I thought of that too. You only have to make sure the shorter strut can lift the weight.



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This seems to be another case of someone not really inspecting a vehicle before purchase.

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My grandmother inspected the vehicle but didn’t take into consideration the amount of raise of the slope she was on when she was trying out the tailgate. Seems to me like a pretty honest way to make a mistake… Thanks for the helpful reply though Volvo.

Thanks a ton TwinTurbo! That was super helpful. Not sure she’s willing to swing the price on that one so it may be a bit high end but it’s given me a good starting point to find something that may work better for her. I appreciate it =]

3M makes picture hanging hooks that adhere, but can be later released, called Command. I see them at home centers and have used some. It could be a low-buck non-marring way to hang a rope or a strap.