2017 Nissan Pathfinder - Smoke and burning oil

car has less that 30,000 miles. started blowing blue smoke and burning oil. never had a check engine light come on prior to the start of the smoke blowing.
i bought an extended warranty, but they want receipts for oil changes for the last 7 years (who keeps those?)

Most any shop can print off service records I would think in todays computer world… The warranty company wants to make sure it is not neglect on your part that caused the engine problem… It is up to the customer to keep to show prof of services not the warranty company’s…

Sorry you are having this problem…


I do. It’s a good idea going forward for you to keep a file-folder for your car with all the repairs done, mileage & date, and notes from conversations you’ve had w/the shops. Just pop that sort of info s into the folder as you get them.

As far as what to do about the missing receipts, the idea above to go back to the shops you used prior and ask if they can print you out copies is worthwhile, you might get lucky.


If you weren’t going to keep the receipts that would be necessary for many types of claims, why did you throw away your money on an extended warranty?


That’s 4000 miles per year, I’m guessing lots of short trips in city driving. That’s the absolute worst thing for a car, certainly qualifies as severe service. There’s no way to know for sure over the web if the engine has sludge issues, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Well, you need those for your warranty to remain in effect, so hopefully you do.


You bought car new from dealer?
Where did you have oil changes done?
You bought it used? With warranty from whom?
Where were oil changes done?
You paid cash for oil? You paid with card?

Bought new, from Dealership.

Got oil changes at Dealership for 1st couple of years, then the Dealership was sold.

Then got oil changes done at various places.

God point. I wish I had thought about that

I’ll bet that if you had the receipts, the engine wouldn’t be smoking, sort of a catch 22.

Nissan requires oil changes every 6 months/5,000 miles. Was the oil changed twice a year?

What makes you think the engine is damaged and in need of warranty repair? Only b/c of smoky exhaust and burning oil? If so, suggest to hire a shop to determine what’s causing it, with some luck, could be something minor.

It is at a different dealership, and they say it is full of sludge

Sounds like a lack of proper maintenance to me if it is really full of sludge…

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The warranty company seems like they are certainly within their rights to insist on maintenance receipts. “Full of sludge” could mean the engine is beyond repair and not worth saving, or only that it requires a cleaning treatment.

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Sludge generally builds up due to a lack of oil changes.

This 7 year old Pathfinder has less than 30K miles on it. At a minimum, I’d expect to have changed the oil in this 6-7 times, which is once per year. Somehow, given the low mileage, I’d suspect there have been far fewer oil changes, probably due to perceived “low” mileage.

Like the old mechanic said…You can “save” money now or later, but eventually you will pay me.

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You mean those aren’t symptoms that damage has been done?

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I wouldn’t automatically assume that, no. Serious damage is possible of course, but a faulty pcv system could result in similar symptoms.

That is a good possibility, and if it is really sludge up some damage will probably come soon rather than later.

Depending on the amount of sludge, it can get sucked up into the oil pump pick up screen and starve the bearings of proper oil flow/pressure…

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Reputable extended warranty company (not sure they exist though) requests engine tear down and sends an inspector like myself out who determines what caused the issue. Regardless of service receipts. The owner has the right to do their own oil changes, and absence of receipts as a reason for claim denial is just an excuse not to pay.

Absence of receipts is NOT a legitimate reason for denial. The owner has the right to do their own oil changes. If the engine if full of sludge, that’s a different story but it has not been determined yet.