2017 Lincoln MKX - persistent rattle and wind noise

Loud wind and rattling noise when driving. Sounds like air hitting venetian blinds. Took back to dealer where I bought it new and dealer said noise most likely from side mirrors but was unable to resolve. I disagreed and regardless, problem persists.This was my third Lincoln and probably my last. Anyone else with similar complaint?

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This must be a new rattle, or you would have complained to the dealer 3 years ago. What direction does the rattle come from? If it comes from the front left, it might be something associated with the driver’s side mirror.

But maybe not. I had a rattle behind the driver and on the passenger side of a van we used to own. I thought it was in the door, but it didn’t happen often. My wife drove the van mostly and never complained. I finally found it while messing around with the roof rack. One of the tie down brackets was loose and rattled occasionally. I tightened it and no more rattle. Check the roof rack if you have one.

I was not that clear re the origin of the noise. We’ve had the noise since we took delivery three years ago. It’s only noticeable when driving at highway speed. My wife drives it most of the time unless we take it on vacation. First took it back to dealer about a month after purchasing following a road trip. They confirmed noise but could not find source and haven’t since. I complain every time I take car in for service so wife usually takes it in now and guess noise does not bother her. Thanks for your suggestions

Check the mud liners below the car , one of them may be loose and clips missing .loose liners make a hell of flapping noise

Do you mean the fender liners?

I dont know what you call it. Perhaps yes.Look at the bottom of the car , if ther is unfixed or loose liner fix it.

Yes, I have a 2017 MKX and it is nerve racking and I spend alot of time in my car. Briyght it in twice. They can’t do anything for and just bought the car 2 months ago. $32,000 and now all this noise.

Im guessing plastic engine protector is loose. Underside of engine compartment. Anything loose?