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2017 Jeep Renegade - looking for a budget fix for the transmission

Is there a budget fix for the renegade 9 speed transmission? Madness autoworks wants about $500.00 bucks for this gizmo to rewrite the transmission shift points. Anybody know of any other options to check out? Thanks, Stuart in Mesa,Az.

Have you checked to see if this " Gizmo ’ will void your drive line warranty . What is wrong with your shift points ?

Sluggish for sure, popular problem I’m learning with the 9 speed zf automatic transmission. Have not checked into warranty issues yet.

I would check that before you do anything else…my guess is that using said “gizmo” would likely void any warranty you have remaining on your Renegade

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Suggest you secure a copy of these customer interest service bulletins

21-004-18A: transmission software shift enhancements
21-004-18A: ditto
21-043-17: ditto

Since these are customer interest bulletins ask your dealership if they’ll do these gratis.


Warranty is 5 yrs./60k. If you have fewer than 60k take it to a dealer. Any possibility of just shifting manually?

Madness autoworks A shop with a name like that would not be a place I
would be wanting to go to.


Madness autowoks

Is there an actual problem with the transmission . . . ?!

Or do you simply not like the way it shifts . . . ?!

If it’s shifting normally . . . compared to other 2017 Jeep Renegades . . . I’d leave well enough alone

No problem, yes shifting is sluggish, lack of power felt in city driving. Thanks, S2. :slight_smile:

sorry to bring the news, but if your transmission operates the same way as any other Renegade around, and you simply do not like the way the vehicle drives, then you did not do the homework before you signed under the dotted line and the best way out now will be to sell this vehicle and buy the one you like.

if you start “improving” the vehicle you have, you only open the Pandora box of expensive failures and repairs down the road… not to mention Jeep reliability is not known to be stellar in first place…