2017 Honda Pilot stalling at intersections

2017 Honda Pilot that has stalled 4 times at intersections, about once a month. I try to disengage but at times I forget. The car engine is supposed to cut off at stops, but it stalls out occasionally.

Auto start/stop can be sensitive to battery condition. It is possible it is a battery or charging system problem.
If you Honda allows you to switch the start/stop function off, try doing that, it has to be switched off each time you start the car.


The auto shutoff function could be flaky, possibly a bad engine control module. Idle air control valve is another possibility. Your Pilot had a 5 yr./60k power train warranty. That might cover the current issue. Check with the local dealer.


There’s no IAC valve on a 2017 Pilot.

Have someone clean the electronic throttle body.