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2017 Honda CR-V - Tires

Road Noise?
Dealer says, new car tires are softer (30000 mile life) vs aftermarket tires (60000 mile life) and as a result wear unevenly ,and are noisier after the early miles. Rotation does not help.
Please comment. Thank You

OE tires are cost driven commodities, especially on inexpensive cars like the CR-V. Not all are softer, not all wear out at 30K and not all wear unevenly. Rotate your tires at every oil change if you want more even wear. Most people don’t do this. Do you rotate at every oil change?

Not all replacement tires are more long wearing (60K) nor are they quieter. They can be quieter, ride smoother and last longer than OE tires, depends on the tire maker and model, its intended customer and the price. You generally get what you pay for.

If you are not happy with the tires the manufacturer put on, change them.

Funny how the new car salespeople never bring that up when they are selling you the car. I think the idea that new car tire compounds are “softer” is incorrect. Softer compounds are at odds with fuel economy. If anything, the compound is harder than in years past.

Why should they ? There is no reason for a salesman to be versed on tires and why confuse the customer with what may be a non factor in the decision on what car or trim level to buy.

we got a 2010 camry le and our car had bridgestone tires and the car next to it had michelin tires. both were le models and both had the same steel wheels/hubcaps. our car was black which we wanted and the one next to it was not. i didnt get down and look at the michelin model for further info but had no issues with the bridgestones other than they were terrible in the snow when new.

Disagree. When I buy a car, I expect the salesman to be knowledgeable in all facets of the car. They should be able to tell me about anything I might have a question about. I’m certainly going to do my research on it, and it’s not even my job. I’m much more likely to buy a car from a person that knows the ins and outs of what they are selling. Unfortunately, most salesman these days are more concerned about how to best separate the customer from his/her money than they are about actual product knowledge.

Agreed. It’s a great opportunity to fit the car to your liking. If you do your research (Consumer Reports, you will almost certainly end up with a car that works better for you than it did on its OEM tires.

30k is long enough. time for some well reviewed tires

Eh. To a point. Tires are consumables. I don’t expect the salesman to know what brand of oil is in the pan either. Tires are one of the easier things to figure out for the customer. Bend over and read the sidewall. Now you know the brand and model and can do a quick search, right there in front of the salesman, to see what kind of ratings they get.

And then you can ignore it because with the exception of some upgraded performance packages, pretty much all OEM tires suck, so you aren’t going to find anything better by buying something else. :wink:

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Honda CR-V’s are good vehicles but they do not have a quiet ride. Reviews of them, online or printed, often mention that. Different tires may help, of course, but the emphasis is on the word may. And once you buy them you own them, so proceed with caution if this is a big issue for you.

I didn’t like the tires that came on my 1999 Honda Civic, especially in winter. I bought 4 well-reviewed Michelin winter tires on steel rims from tirerack and never looked back. When it was time for new summer tires, it was easy to pick something better than the OEMs, especially since I didn’t have to compromise in favor of snow and ice performance and could emphasize quiet, resistance to hydroplaning, etc., which matter more to me.

Buying new tires is a pleasure of ownership.

From my experience the oem tires don’t last as many miles , but I didn’t notice any unusual uneven wear patterns or road noise on the originals. If the tires are near the end of their tread wear, that itself can cause weird symptoms. For example tires often have a feature designed in that causes them to make a noise when the tread is nearly gone. If the tires are pretty much worn out and the wear is fairly even the best path forward is to just replace them. If you got quite a bit of uneven wear, have a 4-wheel alignment check at the same time. As I recall I only got about 30,000 miles from the oem’s on my Corolla. Aftermarket tires I get double that or more.

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Long version: Barry’s Tire Tech: OE Tires

Short version: OE tires are designed to the specs of the vehicle manufacturer, whose priorities are good fuel economy, not good wear, so the tire companies make those tires to those specs and generally they don’t wear as well as aftermarket tires.

Please note: That EACH OE tire is unique to itself. You can NOT use the make and model to discern how they will perform, because EACH is different from the rest. In other words, EACH OE tire is designed to the vehicle manufacturer’s specs and none of the specs are the same.


noise is subjective. it might bother you and someone else is ok with it.