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2017 honda accord third brake light does not work. no mention of the issue online

i have scoured the internet but can’t find anything about this issue (except that the bulb is a led assembly). does anyone have any insight on what the issue might be in the third brake light does not light up when the brake is depressed but the other brake lights do? i looked at the fuses but i think that is shared with the other brake lights. thanks in advance.

Generally if a light fails to light when others on the same circuit are working, it’s because the light is bad. Replace the LED assembly.

A less likely (given the age) alternative is a break in the wire going up to the 3rd light. But like I said, I doubt it because the car’s not old enough for ordinary wear to start breaking wires.


If the wiring is visible from the trunk, maybe behind a cardboard cover, check to see if it’s plugged together properly.


I’d also vote for a bad LED bulb.

They’re supposed to last “forever”…but they do fail early. I’ve replaced several LED bulbs in my house that are less than 3 years old.


thanks i am going to see i can see anything from the trunk.

If I remember correctly, in some vehicles, the third brake light is on a different circuit from the regular brake lights.

Does your cruise control still work? I had the brake light switch stick on which kept the cruise control from working on a 1985 Ford Tempo I once owned.
Also, I installed a third brake light on the 1985 Tempo since the third brake light didn’t become a feature until 1986. There was a logic circuit, an AND gate in computer speak, that didn’t allow the third brake light to come on unless both brake lights were on. This way, signalling a turn would keep the third brake light off until one stepped on the brake pedal.
I don’t know whether newer cars have the same system. However, there may be a logic module that is out.