2017 Honda Accord Sdn - Fuel gauge seems odd

I fill up and drive a 100 miles and the gas hand drops almost until a half a tank.does anybody else having this problem?

You need to tell us something important. When you fill up after just 100 miles, how much gas is required?

I don’t even know if this person has a real problem . Is this something new to this vehicle or did they just purchase a used vehicle and don’t know how to check the mpg .

Is the Check Engine light on?


I have a 2017 Accord EX-L with the 2.4L in-line 4. Is that your engine or do you have the V6? I do not have that problem.

Gas gauges can definitely be inaccurate. Suggest to do a proper mpg measurement and report here what you calculate. Fill tank, then drive for 100 miles, re-fill tank. mpg = 100 miles/gallons of gas for the re-fill.

Mis-calibrated gas gauge — the usual cause is not the gauge itself, but the float/resistor gadget inside the tank that measures the fuel level. If that’s the problem, usually requires replacing the fuel pump; or you can save $$ by just accepting the gauge reading is incorrect. My truck’s gauge is inaccurate, and I just accept that’s just the way it is, and compensate accordingly.

If you discover your mpgs really are too low, one common cause is a faulty coolant temp sensor. Does your car have a coolant temp gauge on the dash? Notice anything unusual about what it reads lately?