2017 Ford Taurus - Any particular issues to be on the lookout for?

Dear Car Talk
My Dad (who is 80 years old) bought a Ford Taurus Limited 2017 back in Feb. It had 5800 miles on it, and is loaded with electronics. To your knowledge, has there been any bulletins or otherwise things that he should be on the look out for. He’s not looking for trouble, just a heads’ up on this particular model. Thanks for any of your input. Sincerely, Maryann

Since it is still under warranty, no worries.

Let me ask this… Your flat screen TV is loaded with electronics as is the computer you used to contact CarTalk. How old are they? How much service have they required?

My flat screen is 14 years old now and works perfectly and always has.

Tell him not to worry. There is nothing he can do anyway to hurt or help those parts.

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It’s reassuring to know that it’s not a 1973 Lincoln. There isn’t much news on a 2017 Taurus and the dealer will notify him of recalls.

You might peruse this. Also, don’t go into panic mode because of a long list of TSBs. Many may not apply to this particular model and many are related to things not relevant from a consumer standpoint. Some cars have literally hundreds of them.

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