2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Broken axle

Left front axel broke while driving 65 on freeway. Lost control of steering, air bags deployed, went flying across freeway from left lane to right lane. God sparred my life today. Has anyone had this problem.

Thank heavens you made it through that ordeal without injury! I’ve had a front wheel drive axle break while driving it about 40 mph on a paved country road, but other than a lot of noise, and the car coming to a stop, no other problems.

It would be highly unusual for a front drive axle to break on a late model, reasonable miles, vehicle.

It would help possibly to provide more info. How many miles, any history of front noise/vibration, where the axle broke at, any history front collision damage, bought the car new or used, etc, etc.

Just theorizing with no info, but a wild guess might be the axle suffered a failed CV axle boot which threw out all of the grease until the joint could not take it anymore.

I had a left tie rod break but the tire flopped around and could still control it with the good wheel to get it to the side of the road. I just crossed a bridge though. I’ve had a CV joint go but not an axle.

There were no noises leading up to this? I had my driver side bearings start making noise on my 2011 MKZ (Fusion equivalent).

It had a micro crack from manufacturing. Yep.
Just like the turbine blade on my Lear jet.