2017 Ford F250 - Electronic cluster

The truck electronic cluster…radio, a/c etc…has begun malfunctioning. When trying to use the controls to change stations on the radio or a/c controls, it hesitate for about 15 seconds or more or not at all and cannot be used. Then when it begins to respond, it jumps around erratically. The heating and cooling dials do not operate when trying to change the temperature in the same way the radio does. We took the truck to the dealership and they claim they did an update on the Firmware. We left thinking it was fixed until we got further away from dealership and stopped at another destination and when backing up, noticed the backup camera was also malfunctioning. We turned around to take it back and as soon as we got to the dealership to let then know, everything begin to work again. They told us there was a recall on the back up camera but we checked when we got home and found it was on the 2020 model.
Has anyone else had the problem with the radio, a/c controls.

If you bought it new you’re probably close to the end of the 3yr./36k bumper-to-bumper warranty. Get your complaints on record so you’re potentially covered.

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