2017 Ford Everest (Ranger) - Loses power

My 2017 Everest has lost power on the last three trips out of town. Once it approaches the top of a hill, it basically won’t rev above 2000RPM and won’t go over 10-15mph. Each time I have to wait about 20 minutes, turning it on and off and revving in Neutral. Waiting for an appointment at the local ford Dealer. No Everest in the “Model” so had to pick Ranger. Residing in Kingston Jamaica

There’s a recall for possible transmission failure but this doesn’t sound like that. My best guess, as someone who is not a mechanic, is that it’s not getting enough fuel. Is your check engine light on?

Sounds like your turbo is failing.

I know nothing about turbo-diesels but always like to learn new things. Please post back when you find out what the diagnosis is.

It sounds to me as if its going into Limp Home mode.
Is the Check Engine Light (CEL) lit-up?
Or–much worse–is the CEL flashing/blinking?