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2017 Ford Escape AC quit

2017 Ford Escape A/C quit working. Took to the ford dealer
for repair. Its been one week and the dealer says it is still working on. Anyone else having this problem. The car has 16700 miles.

Lets see, things break . If the dealer is doing this under warranty they may be waiting on parts. Not sure what you are asking : time for repair or the repair being needed .

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I assume the car is still under warranty, ask for a loaner car, be polite but persistent. Look in your owners manual for the number of the Ford zone office if you want to escalate this. If the manual is in the car, use google

My 2017 Ford Escape AC stopped working a year and a half ago. Unfortunately I only have one dealership in the area and without much diagnosis they claim it to be rodent damage. I have brought the car in three different times and each time it’s the same story and they want to charge over $900 to fix it.
Ford needs to take responsibility for their flaws.

go to an independent mechanic and get a second opinion- in writing. If it is rodent damage, then the fix is on you. If it is something else, then you have written leverage to get Ford to take care of the issue (and I’d try to make them pay for the second opinion, as well)