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2017 Chrysler Pacifica wheel hop

What causes the bad wheel hop on acceleration in my 2017 Pacifica? It’s especially bad when the roads are wet. Are suspension bushings too soft? Need shocks?

Ask your dealer, I assume it is still under warranty. Now is the tread on your tires? If the dealer says it is normal, ask to drive a used 2-17 on their lot.

You should not need shocks or struts on a 2017 . Have a tire shop check your tires that is most likely your problem . The tires have there own warranty separate from your vehicle warranty . Factory tires can be gone by as little as 30000 miles.

I should have mentioned that I do have over 48,000 miles on my 2017 Pacifica, but only 6,000 miles on the tires.

Did this just start? With the new tires?

Normally, wheel hop is a design compromise built into the car. There are other advantages that can be gained by skewing the design towards wheel hop. The hop happens at the limit of the tire’s traction. Wet roads make that limit lower so wheel hop is worse. It is a traction vs power problem.

If you have a heavy right foot, wheel hop can happen, especially when wet… so lighten up your acceleration a bit. If those tires you bought are cheap (poor design) with a very high wear rating (harder rubber), the traction will suffer under all conditions.

So post back and tell us if this started with those 600 treadwear LingLong (or similar, cheapest I could find online) tires you bought. The fix, if true, is better tires, not struts or bushings.