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2017 Chevrolet Traverse - Can't see why no warranty

Anyone else have windshield defrosting issues on driver’s side? There is ZERO air flow half of the driver’s side. Dealer agrees. Said other years have same issue? But not covered under warranty? This is a serious safety issue. I truly cannot see adequately.

Are you asking if it covered or did the dealer say it was not covered. In the owners manual there will be contact numbers to call if you need to elevate this higher to corporate. Or you can also go to another Chevrolet dealer for help.

You can take this to any chevy dealership!

Get a second opinion.You are still under warranty.


This is not a “warranty issue”, but it is clearly a “dealer issue”.
Or, to be more specific, it is an issue with a dealership that has no desire to resolve this issue for the OP.

There is one complaint at (NHTSA) for your problem. It was also denied as a warranty claim. Remember that the dealer can only allow what Chevrolet lets them allow. I know that doesn’t help you, but don’t blame the dealer for a problem that is out of their control. The NHTSA complaint was registered last week on 11/22.

I think you need to clarify if it is a design issue such as ducting and vents are not provided for full air flow on the driver’s side or if the ducting and vents are there but air is not being directed to them. If it is a design issue, the only thing you can do is reconfigure it yourself at your expense or live with it. Might be you need to close off the passenger vent a little to direct more air to the other side but this will take some work.

As @Bing suggested, it boils down to design problem vs actual defective part(s). The latter is a warranty issue, the former is not.

See if the dealer can demonstrate to you the same phenomenon in another Traverse. In other words, rule out the old, “they all do it” excuse.

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That is what I would suggest too. If they all do it, it would be a big job for someone to reconfigure it.
Then I would just trade it in and get something else.

I had a Dodge D50 pickup that the side windows would frost up and I had to carry a can of de-icer to spray at the window to be able to check traffic when I had to make a right turn. At least I could crank down the drivers side window a bit when I made a left.

Sold that truck after the first winter with that piece of junk.


The more I think about it, the more I think it might be an air distribution issue. Just too much air being directed to the passenger side or maybe even to those side vents they like to use now. If that’s the case I don’t think it would be too big a project to adjust the air flow a little to direct more air to the driver’s vent. You could put a little flapper in there to adjust it or cover part of the outlet with duct tape.

My opinion is that the OP shouldn’t have to resort to jury-rigging a solution in a vehicle this new.


Another thought: It is possible that the HVAC system needs to be recalibrated. Perhaps the dealer will do this for free.