2017 Chevrolet Tahoe - Engine light

Engine light comes up due to fuel pump low performance in hot days especially when i drive it more than 250-300 miles,

2 year old SUV… still under warranty?

If not, the truck is telling you its problem, what is your question?

The warranty is expired.
My question is how is it possible for 2017 SUV with 25,000miles on it has the low performance fuel pump problem only in hot days!

Shall i change the fuel pump or what

No, it is not expired. GM Warranties the truck for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever come first. See link below.


Hot days increase the resistance in the pump motor and decrease the motor’s performance - so low pressure. The pump is controlled by an electronic controller that commands the pump to run as hard as it needs to fuel the engine a low or high loads. Either could have contamination or a manufacturing defect that caused premature wear and loss of performance. Can’t tell you from the internet if it is the pump or the electronic controller.

Its for me for two reasons one i do the oil services by my own second i bought the car in UAE then shipped to here it was brand new 0miles on it.

Thanks a lot I’ll check it out