2015 Chevrolet Tahoe - defective injector class action?

My check engine light on dashboard came on and off with no message. Dealer service said fuel injectors need replacing. Engine only has 42,874 miles. I know this has to be defective injectors. Has anyone filed a class action lawsuit on this yet?

Class action suit ? For fuel injectors , not likely and even it there was one you would receive so little money it would not be worth your effort.
You are out of warranty so get a second opinion from an independent shop unless that light is flashing . Flashing means do not drive the vehicle.

Booogus on the new injectors! They shooting blind and HOPE this will fix the problem.

If the check engine light goes on, there is a problem. If the light goes back off, that problem has gone away. If the vehicle doesn’t see the same error for 10 or so ignition cycles, that code can be erased. If it took you a few days to a couple of weeks to bring it in for service, you could easily have that condition.

If the light comes back, stop in at the local auto parts store and have the codes read while the light is still there. Write the code down… it should be in the format P1234 and post back. We’l try to help you figure out the problem.

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What @Mustangman said. Without us knowing the code, we can’t really help, except to say that if the light’s off, the problem is no longer present, as far as the car’s OBD-II system is concerned. While the 2015 Tahoe and Suburban were troublesome years on carcomplaints.com, they had few reports of injector issues.

About ago my son’s 2013 Camaro (20ishk miles) suddenly started running rough and set the CEL.
The Chevy dealer where lives diagnosed it as a faulty injector and said there was an issue with some of them. My son approved the repair and problem solved. Even better, the dealer replaced the other injectors on the same side at no charge.

As for a class action lawsuit; forget that. Just because someone does not like to pay for a repair out of pocket on an out of warranty car does not justify suing someone.

And Volvo-V70 is correct;’ plaintiffs end up with little or nothing. Lawyers are the only ones to cash in.
Some years ago there was a class action against eBay for stiffing sellers. I could not have cared less but a few years later got my “settlement check” in the mail.
A whopping $3.28 which I never cashed and framed for posterity.

I could be wrong, but my understanding about “erasing” code is only done with a scan tool. If the light came on, then went off, the issue may not still be there but the code should still be there, even if its in “history”.

No, read this. The scan tool erases them right away, the ECU will do it on its own but it takes a bit.