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2017 Chevrolet Cruze - Clutch issues

Suddenly, this morning I had clutch problems. Had to pull it off floor with right foot several times on morning commute to get in gear. At one point when stopping at a red light, had to turn the ignition off as I couldn’t get it out of gear, and nearly rear ended car in front of me.

If you have no idea how to fix this yourself then have it towed to a shop so you won’t actually rear end someone.

Sounds like a bad clutch master cylinder. Have the car towed to a good independent transmission shop.

If it seems to help to pump the clutch pedal before attempting a shift, good chance it is a faulty clutch master cylinder. If it is, this problem can degrade very rapidly to the point no matter what you do the car is un-drivable. This can go to barely noticeable but annoying to un-drivable over the course of a day or two. So schedule it into a shop asap. Clutch master cylinder replacement is usually pretty reasonable, less than $100 for the part and around an hour labor. I wouldn’t recommend that job for a newbie diy’er b/c the clutch master cylinder is often located in a difficult to access corner of the engine compartment. Special tools are often required. If a diy’er damages the hydraulic fitting in the process of attempting a repair then it becomes an even more expensive problem.

I’m not sure about the setup on the Cruze… If it has a clutch cable in 17’ I’d be a little surprised…but not entirely I suppose.

If it has a hydraulic system… it may then also have an inline slave (inline with the input shaft) and in this day and age of one less part equals profits…I’m leaning in that direction… the slave is probably also made of plastic.

When an inline slave keeps pushing out further and further…it eventually pops out of its cylinder…and then its game over. One of these conditions is present on this vehicle… and if you have a hydro master…thats how it will end…badly. If it still has a cable…it either came off, snapped, or the pivoting throwout bearing lever broke or came off its ball fulcrum.

I guess I just listed all possible ways this could end up with a clutch pedal on the floor… Yes, I’m bored.

The bad part I believe most of them are like mine inside the bell housing witch mean’s the tranmission need’s to come out to check.

Yes those are the linear slaves… In line, on the input shaft of the tranny. Ain’t they cute?

I will take the external slave all day long thank you very much…

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I agree I don’t know why they started putting then inside the bell housing.

To save two bolts… a metal slave (all its components)… a ball fulcrum… and a throw out bearing lever.

Congrats Bob… you just saved us 10.32 million on this series of automobiles.

i really dislike Bob… and if I ever meet him on the street there’s gonna be a problem.

Maybe the motivation is to save space in the engine compartment? I agree, doesn’t make a lot of sense other than that to switch from the slave actuated lever configuration to an in-bell-housing.

Yea Bob is like Manual ==============labor very easy to dislike.

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